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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Pølse I Svob, Denmark

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Pølse I Svob, Denmark

What is it? A hot dog wrapped in bacon that you buy from a street stall.

Where can you get it? Denmark is where it’s at. You can pick up your pølse i svob from your local pølsevogn, a danish hot dog stand.

(Photo: su-lin/Flickr)

What’s in it? It may seem pretty simple, but it’s all about the right ingredients. What the Danes get right is the sausage – a rødpølser, the famous Danish red hot dog – and the bacon – crispy and perfectly wrapped around your dog. Shove it in a bun (literally in a bun sometimes – they hollow out dinner roles and put sausages inside), then add a few sauces and you’re set.

Is it good for you? Nope.

How much does it cost? Around 23 Danish Krone ($4AUD), and it’s worth every penny.

Photo: Rex Roof/Flickr)

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