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IKEA Just Gave Vegos Their Own $1 Hot Dog So There’s One Less Thing To Fight About

IKEA Just Gave Vegos Their Own $1 Hot Dog So There’s One Less Thing To Fight About

Gone are the days that we vegetarians must wander the beautiful chaos of IKEA — fighting just as snippily with our friends and loved ones and just as desperate for a snack for as our meat-eating counterparts — only to watch in envy as everyone stops for their meatball break.

I see you vegos, I am you, and it’s our turn to shine.

Now, NOW we also have a decent food option in the bistros besides the frozen yogurt (which are also good, no-one is complaining about that). We have a $1 vegetarian hot dog to sink our teeth into.

Image: Provided / IKEA Australia

Selling at the same price as the original hot dog, this bad boi will be served in a roll with roasted onions, pickled cabbage and mustard. The dawg itself is a vegetarian recipe, featuring ingredients like kale, red lentils, carrots and ginger. I basically feel healthier just thinking about eating it.

New South Wales and Canberra IKEA fans can expect to nab the veggie hot dog already (that’s at the Tempe, Rhodes, Marsden Park and Canberra stores). The rest of you will have to wait a smidge longer, but they are definitely rolling out across the rest of the country in the next few months.

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Image: Provided / IKEA Australia

If you’re really loving what you’re tasting, you can even buy yourself a take-home pack from the food market — please see the image above. FYI they also have a pack of veggie meatballs in there which are not bad.

(Lead Image: Provided / IKEA Australia)

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