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A Queensland Cafe Is Challenging You To Eat A 3 Kilo Hot Dog In 30 Minutes

A Queensland Cafe Is Challenging You To Eat A 3 Kilo Hot Dog In 30 Minutes

Have you ever chowed down on a hot dog and sadly thought “that simply was not enough dog”? You could go buy another of course, like a chump. Or, you could head to Ninth Street cafe on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and try the three kilogram hot dog food challenge.

Now I know that everyone loves a food challenge. I may not understand it, but I know it. Yet I still can’t get around the fact that three kilos is entirely too much hot dog. I mean, just look at this woman’s face:

Can you DOWN THE DOG!?

This monster challenge is to finish the 3kgs in 30mins ⏰

$50 to play

Winner gets:

Posted by Ninth Street on Friday, August 28, 2020

That is the face of a person who knows you absolutely cannot finish the food she is holding, but also knows you’re going to try.

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The hot dog food challenge costs $50 to play. From there, you must finish all three kilos within just half an hour. I guess you can give away the chips? Frankly it’s unclear if the chips form part of the three kilos or not, but you have to give the cafe 24-hours notice that you want to do the challenge, so you can just ask them then.

If you DO manage this huge, and frankly mildly disgusting feat, you’ll win your money back, plus a $50 voucher to spend in the cafe. You’ll also get a t-shirt and a polaroid of you on the wall of fame. I guess your guts are for the glory.

The Sunny Coast is no stranger to food challenges, like the one kilogram doughnut challenge and the same bakery that makes coffee INSIDE doughnuts. However, if you need something a little more active to do in-between stuffing your face, here’s a few ideas.

(Lead Image: Facebook / Ninth Street)

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