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Attention, Bacon Fans: An All-Day Breakfast-In-Bed Cafe Is Coming This Weekend

Attention, Bacon Fans: An All-Day Breakfast-In-Bed Cafe Is Coming This Weekend

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Who’s achin’ for some bacon? For the love of all that is fatty and salty (specifically, bacon) be prepared for this weekend’s all-day pop-up bacon cafe in Sydney.


Who doesn’t love an all out bacon celebration? (Besides vegetarians and vegans who, honestly, why did you click this link?)

Breakfasters will be able to lounge in bacon-patterned pyjamas (yours to keep) while you chow down on maple bacon waffles, breakfast weave bacon tacos, scotch eggs with bacon jam, or a bacon and egg smile.Yes, you can be a big pig too. What a menu. Every dish will feature bacon by Primo meats.

If that’s not enough, maybe you’d like to try a bacon essential-oil massage? Who said that slathering food on your body was going too far? No one!

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The bacon cafe will run on Friday January 17 and Saturday January 18 this week, at The Studio in Rosebery, in Sydney’s inner-west, so you’d better get booking tickets now. If I know anything about bacon, it’s that it’s popular, so you can bet that these tickets will sell out. Get them now for just $20 here, and all money generated from ticket sales will be donated to Foodbank, in order to aid bushfire relief as well as other disaster relief country-wide. Yep! This bacon for a good cause, as if you needed any more excuses.


The event is also promising ‘bacon facials’ and ‘bacon meditation’, whatever those are. But far be it from me to question what the bacon gods have in store for willing devotees.

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