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Cow Cuddling: Why You’ll Be Trying It On Your Next Trip To Cairns

When you think of therapeutic holiday experiences your mind may conjure up images of a…

Europe Has Delayed Charging Incoming Travellers For Another Six Months

Aussies travelling to Europe will have another six months of freedom before the EU imposes charges on incoming travellers from visa exempt countries.

The 10 Worst Airports For Delays And Cancellations In The World

Sydney’s international airport ranked in the top 10 for both delays and cancellations.

Get Inspired Every Day With AWOL Tech Backgrounds

If you’re anything like me, you’re absolutely yearning to be out in the world right…

VW’s New Camper Is The Van Life Choice Of The One Percent

Inspired by the work-from-anywhere culture, Volkswagen have launched the new hybrid camper the Ventje. Translating…

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How A Perfect Travel Playlist Turns Your Holiday Into An Odyssey

Like the mixtapes of the days of yore, an impactful travel playlist is a beautiful balancing act that demands planning, effort, and attention.

Qantas Has Announced Direct Flights From Australia To New York City And London

The new planes will feature a “wellbeing” zone in the cabin where travellers can do light exercise during the 20-hour flight.

Why You’ll Need To Pay €10 Next Time You Visit Venice

From June 2022, Venice’s tourism council will require everyone to register online before they visit the Italian city.

There’s A New Top Secret Virgin Airport Lounge Hidden Behind Unmarked Doors

Called ‘Beyond Lounges’, these top secret spaces take the airport lounge experience to a new height of exclusivity.

Why You Should Sketch Something On Your Next Trip (Even If It’s Bad)

Drawing is the perfect way to capture the in-between moments of travelling.