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You’ll Soon Be Able To Buy Butterbeer Ice Cream In Stores Across The US

You’ll Soon Be Able To Buy Butterbeer Ice Cream In Stores Across The US

If you were a certified Potterhead growing up (who wasn’t?), your childhood probably involved a whole lot of dreaming, guessing and arguing with your friends about what real life butterbeer would taste like.

All we knew from the books was that it was a deliciously sweet drink for witches and wizards, best served with a hearty conversation at the Three Broomsticks. Recently, with the advent of Harry Potter Theme Parks around the world and DIY versions exploding on the internet, muggles have successfully brought the drink to life. We seem to have collectively decided that butterbeer is a fizzy butterscotch drink with a creamy foam available to be served hot or cold and unlike in the books, the real life version is alcohol free.


Now, an American company is fuelling our obsession with the fantastical drink. Ice cream manufacturers Yuenglings have introduced a butterbeer flavour to their offering.

Photo: Yuenglings

The flavour will be a combination of buttercream and butterscotch ice cream with swirls of sticky butterscotch through the middle. It sounds just as sweet and magical as its origins.

In even better news, it’s not just a special edition offer. It will be a fully fledged member of the Yuenglings ice cream family, joining flavours like Root Beer Float, Vanilla Fudge Chunk with Pretzels and Cinnamon Churro.

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You can grab Butter beer Yuenglings ice cream at select stores in the US soon. For more mouth-watering info, check out Yuenglings website.

(Lead image: Warner Bros/Yuenglings)

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