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Sydney, You Can Get Deep-Fried Ice Cream Home Delivered To Ease The Pain Of Lockdown

Sydney, You Can Get Deep-Fried Ice Cream Home Delivered To Ease The Pain Of Lockdown

Well, Sydney, here we are again in lockdown and it bloody sucks. The silver lining, however, as it was last time, is never feeling guilty about all the delicious food you can get delivered directly to your home while you’re all cosied up in your fluffiest robe and slippers (yes, that might be me right now).

One such silver lining comes in the form of deep-fried ice cream and delish doughnuts from the Duo Duo shopfronts in the south-west Sydney suburb of Roselands and in Strathfield.

Starting life as a food truck slinging 100 percent handmade fresh and deep-fried ice cream in unique flavours that were a nod to both classic Aussie and Asian tastes, as well as a few other treats. Three years later, the owners of Duo Duo have been able to open their shopfront.

Of course, now we’re in lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get their delicious goods to your door (or pick it up, as they’re still open for takeaway).

Delivering across Sydney (and even taking requests for locations currently outside their delivery range if you email them and ask very nicely), their online menu has everything you need to power through two weeks of lockdown.

There’s a huge range of half litre tubs for $16.50, with flavours like Green Tea Rocher, Thai Milk Tea and Chocolate & Peanut Butter Fudge.

Personally, though, I came here for the deep-fried home deliveries. You can three different flavours of deep-fried ice cream delivered — coconut, cookies and cream and vanilla bean.

Each of them comes coated in sponge cake and Japanese panko. When you get them, all you have to do is fry them at 200°C for 45 seconds, then go to town on that bad boi. If you ask me, it’s the perfect way to enjoy ice cream in winter.

No sign of their new ‘duonut’ offering online yet, so I guess you’ll have to take the pickup option for that.

The delivery itself happens ‘next day’ from Monday to Friday, and is either $10 or free for orders over $40. So stock up, I reckon. You can order your treats here.

(Lead image: Instagram / @duoduoicecream)

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