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Everything You Need To Know About Uber’s New Aussie Rewards Program

Everything You Need To Know About Uber’s New Aussie Rewards Program

Uber Rewards: Everything You Need To Know About The Loyalty Program

Listen up, rideshare fiends! Uber has just announced a loyalty program to reward users in Australia with discounted trips and food delivery, exclusive member offers, cheap and free rideshare upgrades and more.

Uber Rewards is a free loyalty program that will launch in Australia by early 2020, with the first round of sign-ups opening to members today.


Here’s everything you need to know about the loyalty program, from how to sign up to what you actually get.

How Uber Rewards works:

Just like an airline loyalty program, Uber Rewards works on a points system. After you sign up, you’ll earn points at home or overseas on rides with Uber, UberPool and orders with Uber Eats.

On Uber Eats and UberPool, you’ll earn one point for every dollar spent. That bumps up to two points for every dollar on UberX, UberXL, Comfort and Assist, and three points for every dollar spent on Uber Premier.

Uber Rewards will have various tiers of membership that unlock new rewards. The first tier, Blue, is available to all new users; the second tier, Gold, is unlocked when you earn 1200 points; Platinum is unlocked at 4000 points; and the top level, Diamond, is reserved for members who earn 7500 points.

What you get:

Blue members will get access to regular special offers. Uber haven’t confirmed what kind of offers will be available, but any special offer is a good thing.

Gold members get access to these special offers, and can also spend 750 points (or 600 in New Zealand) to redeem rewards from Uber, Uber Eats and other special partners. They’ll also be able to get a 10 percent discount on one Uber Comfort trip each month.

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When you unlock Platinum membership, you’ll also be able to set two favourite locations — rides taken between these two points may vary in price as usual, but won’t exceed a special promotional price.

Top-tier Diamond members will get everything above, plus premium phone support and complimentary upgrades to Uber Comfort and Premier rides.

You can sign up for Uber Rewards here.

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