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You Can Treat Your Melbourne Friends To A Free Dessert Thanks To UberEats

You Can Treat Your Melbourne Friends To A Free Dessert Thanks To UberEats

As you’ve probably noticed, Melbourne is having a bit of a rough go of it at the moment. If the baking obsession of Australia’s first lockdown was anything to go by, I think we can all agree that Melburnians need and deserve a treat. Which is exactly what UberEats will be offering them.

From 8 pm every day this week (Monday, August 31 to Friday September 4), people outside of Melbourne can send their friends free desserts up to the value of $20 to help them get through lockdown. The catch, of course, is that the offer is limited to the first 1000 people every day — so you’ll have to be lightening quick.


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According to UberEats themselves, dessert orders in Melbourne have increased by 22 percent in the past four weeks, so we’re not just imagining the need for comfort in the form of tasty treats.

How do you make sure your Melbourne mates are the ones who get the love (and sugar)? Pop into your UberEats app, enter their address, then hit the #LockdownLove option at the top of your screen. Then you just pick the best desserts you can find up to the value of $20 from participating restaurants like Sprinkles Ice Creamery, Lukumades, and Pidapipo.

Then enter the discount code for that day when you check out. Today’s code is ‘mondaylove’, but you’ll need to grab the new one each day this week.

Now the only awkward choice you have to make is which friend to send it to first. Maybe you can set up everyone you know outside of VIC with a different address?

I guess the other hard choice is picking which dessert, seeing as Melbourne has no shortage of options. I mean, it’s even the home of that black box dessert from Masterchef. There was also that time a cafe in the city was serving fairy floss dessert burgers. Victoria is also the winner of Australia’s best ice cream, so the state just gets it when you talk desserts.

(Lead Image: Facebook / Sprinkles Ice Creamery – Lollies n More)

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