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Here’s What Food Delivery Services And Restaurants Are Doing To Help While You Self-Isolate

Here’s What Food Delivery Services And Restaurants Are Doing To Help While You Self-Isolate

If you’re working from home or self-isolating, the need and desire for food delivery increases exponentially. No one expects us millennials to cook every meal for ourselves, do they?!

So what do you do when strict self-isolation means not interacting with another person, including a food delivery agent? Uber Eats, Deliveroo and more have released statements and new plans so you can continue ordering in when you can’t go out.


Contactless delivery is now an option for many ordering food or deliveries from services such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo.

Menulog released new options for requesting “contactless delivery” information for its partners to keep hygiene practices to a high standard for restaurants and the delivery network.

You can request contactless delivery from the courier via the app. Usually, it means that the courier will drop off your food on your doorstep or another spot dictated by you. The courier also ensures they stay at a safe distance from the recipient at all times in order to complete the transaction.

Menulog requests that anyone in isolation should request contactless delivery for all orders to protect couriers. Uber Eats has implemented a “leave at door” delivery option, as well as offering extra cleaning supplies for drivers. Deliveroo also has a no-contact delivery option.

Stores such as McDonald’sPizza Hut and Chargrill Charlie’s are also introducing their own measures.

McDonald’s has a contactless option for in-store pickup, drive-thru and delivery. Chargrill Charlie’s has an “Eat Contactless” plan whereby customers can order and pay in advance through the store’s app, and pick up their food from a designated area in each of its 12 Sydney stores and one Melbourne store.

There is also word of some restaurants without a regular takeaway option who’ll package their meals up ready for take away and delivery. These include Barbetta in Paddington and Farmhouse in Potts Point, both in Sydney.

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In an innovative contribution, Bonditony’s burgers in Bondi are offering a free roll of toilet paper with some orders this week – check their Facebook page for details.


If cities such as San Francisco and New York are anything to go by, lockdowns and restricted opening times are only just beginning in Australia – and likely to go on for some time.

Takeaway options allow restaurants to continue to employ staff, and stop you having to work your way through your stockpiled supplies. What better excuse do you need to get pizza tonight?

(Lead image: Deliveroo)

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