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Uber Is Pivoting To Car Rentals To Help You Plan A Cheap Aussie Road Trip

Uber Is Pivoting To Car Rentals To Help You Plan A Cheap Aussie Road Trip

Now that regional travel is back on, lots of people are furiously planning road trips to get outside the house and see this beautiful country we’ve been missing so dearly. And Uber Rent is going to make it easier than ever to hit the road.

Unless you have a car (who even does in the city?) or have access to one (hello best friend, partner, or parents) you need to hire a car to set off on your epic road trip. Uber Rent is the ride-share app’s first-ever car rental service. It’s already available in Brisbane and will be launching in the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide next week.

Here’s how Uber Rent works.

When the service launches in your city, you’ll see a new option for ‘Rentals’ in the Uber app. Enter your pickup location and rental date then book the car that works for you.

You’ll get a bunch of rewards for using Uber Rent, including 10 percent of the cost of your first rental back in Uber Credits. Any future rental trip will earn you Uber Rewards points to spend on special offers and exclusive upgrades.

But there’s a catch: during the trial, Uber Rent will only be available for half of the users in each city. If the trial is successful, it’ll be rolled out to everyone as a permanent feature.

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Car rentals start from around $40 a day for a small car, or $76 for an SUV. The daily rate works out to be cheaper if you book for multiple days. A Hyundai Accent costs around $110 for five days, according to the Uber Rent portal on the ride share service’s main website.

(Lead image: Simon Clayton / Pexels)

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