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Macca’s Is Offering Free Delivery Every Weekend Until June And We’re McLoving It

Macca’s Is Offering Free Delivery Every Weekend Until June And We’re McLoving It

McDonald's Delivery: Get Free Delivery Every Weekend Until June

There’s never been a better time to order in and feel good about it. Getting something delivered on Sunday night isn’t “lazy” anymore, it’s “healthy and financially responsible”. Love that for us! And now McDonald’s delivery is absolutely free on weekends. Love, and I cannot stress this enough, that for us.

That means the next time you’re craving a Quarter Pounder, McVeggie or a mountain of nuggs you won’t have to leave the couch to make it happen, and you’ll save some cash in the process.

McDonald’s delivery is now free on weekends for UberEats orders over $25.

To score the free delivery, place your order on the UberEats website or use the app and enter the weekly code.

Keep an eye on the McDonald’s Facebook page every Friday for the new codes. This week, it’s MACCASGAME.

“We know our customers enjoy having their Macca’s delivered contact-free straight to their door, and that our recent free delivery promotion has been a hit with our fans,” said McDonald’s Australia head of home delivery, Jen Evans.

“We’ll be waiving delivery fees on McDelivery orders of $25 or more that are placed via the Uber Eats app, across every weekend for the rest of May and throughout June.”

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ICYMI: Macca’s is also delivering milk, buns, and English muffins. And yes, you can throw a few of these into your weekend order with free delivery.

Want some cocktails to go with your Friday night McDonald’s delivery? Sydney’s Gin Lane has opened a drive thru for ready-made cocktails, or you could sign up for The Cocktail Club, a subscription service for fancy ready-made cocktails from your favourite local bars.

(Lead image: McDonald’s)

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