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Uber Pet Is Finally Launching In Australia Tomorrow, So You Can Take Your Good Boy For A Ride

Uber Pet Is Finally Launching In Australia Tomorrow, So You Can Take Your Good Boy For A Ride

Uber Pet launches in Australia on March 10 on a trial basis in Sydney and Brisbane.

Friendly PSA to pet owners: your four-legged friend’s social life is about to get a boost. Uber Pets is launching in Australia, so your furry companion can finally ride with you in style from doggy daycare to your favourite pet-friendly pub.

Uber Pet is launching in Australia on March 10.

The new service is rolling out on a trial basis in Sydney and Brisbane. It’ll be available as a separate product in the Uber app for an extra $6-$7 on top of what the ride would normally cost.


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Just plug in your route as normal and request an Uber Pet ride to be matched with a pet-friendly driver. Then you and your dog / cat / lizard / bird can go for a ride.

While the service is open to any kind of domesticated animal, it’ll be at the driver’s discretion whether they allow your, say, miniature horse into their car.

It’s worth noting that drivers can opt-out of the service, so it’s possible that you’ll have to wait a bit longer to get a ride. But part of the extra fee is passed along to the driver, and it’s a way for them to pat dogs on the reg, which are both pretty good incentives to get involved.

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Even better? If Uber Pets is successful, it’ll be expanded nationally and made permanent. You’ll never have to worry about arranging your next vet visit or trip to the beach again.

Uber also stressed that anyone travelling with a service animal should continue to select their regular Uber option. Assistance animals are legally allowed to go everywhere their owner goes, so Uber Pets should be reserved for people travelling with their pets for fun.

There’s no word yet on when the trial will end, but Uber really do be out here making plays recently. The Uber Pet news comes less than a month after Uber launched Quiet Mode and banished awkward small talk forever. Bless.

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