Why Buy A Caravan When You Can Own A Tiny House On Wheels

This house on wheels gives a whole new meaning to “mobile home”.

The cozy little caravan offers a luxurious small living experience with all of the day-to-day comforts of a regular house, just much tinier. If this seems like something straight out of Portlandia it’s because it is – the company who creates the houses, Tiny Heirlooms, is based in Oregon City which is super close to Portland.


The tiny homes are carefully custom-built and stylishly adorned with interiors that look like a dream that Frankie Magazine had once.


Each one includes a propane heater, a kitchenette with a gas oven, granite countertops, real wood flooring, a washer/dryer combo unit, and a basic wind or solar energy package, plus a bluetooth surround sound stereo system and all LED lighting.


A typical tiny house measures at roughly 11.8 metres squared with a five metre square loft to play a tiny ukelele in. And sleep too.


The company talks you through financing, a custom floor plan, interior and exterior design, cosmetics, and insulation then custom-builds your home starting at a base of $77,500AUD, including delivery to any of the states in the USA and a return flight to check out the progress of your new compact home during the building process.


It even has a tiny little verandah to sink an afternoon beverage on, or near.


You can park it on your property as a spare room or attach it to the back of your car, get off the grid and live where you park.

Unfortunately the Tiny Heirloom is currently only available in the USA. But we can always start a Kickstarter to bring them here, right?

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