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Time To Glamp Out Your Ride Because Aldi’s Next Special Buys Is All About Road Trips

Time To Glamp Out Your Ride Because Aldi’s Next Special Buys Is All About Road Trips

Mates, it’s another Aldi Special Buys alert, so prepare yourselves. This one is all about road trips and caravanning, which is perfect timing seeing as we’re all planning to road trip more for 2021.

From cooking gear, to portable clotheslines, to dash cams, to car organisers and everything else you might need for a road trip adventure, Aldi will be selling it on February 13.

Image: Provided / Aldi

“Aldi is helping Aussies get out of town and back on the road again with our latest selection of high-quality road trip, caravanning and camping Special Buys,” Nicole Higgins, ALDI Australia Shopping Expert said in a statement.

“Designed with both convenience and comfort in mind, this range is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and includes everything from Caravan Covers ($99.99) to Compact Cookware ($49.99), Collapsible Food Containers ($14.99), Roof Racks ($99.99) and a Dual Dash Camera ($79.99). While in store, customers can also stock up on their essential road-trip snacks to keep hunger at bay while on their next Aussie adventure”.

Image: Provided / Aldi

Yes, there are plenty of goodies to pimp out your caravan, but the more exciting items are perfect to help glamp out your regular vehicle on a budget.

Like a lightweight, non-stick six-piece cooking set for $49.99. A collapsible kettle (!!) for $29.99, as well as a range of collapsible drink ware that are making me very exciting for all the space I’ll save next time I hit the road. I know, I’m a travel nerd.

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Image: Provided / Aldi

You can check out the whole range that will be available in store on the day here.

Once you’re all decked out, I recommend checking out these awesome road trip itineraries for foodies.

(Lead Image: Unsplash /Caleb George)

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