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Jeremy Neale’s Top 5 Brisbane Spots

Jeremy Neale’s Top 5 Brisbane Spots

Brisbane’s resident dreamboat, musician Jeremy Neale, stays pretty busy.

He released his debut EP In Stranger Times in 2013, then toured the globe, played some fun festivals like the UK’s Great Escape and Singapore’s Music Matters and managed to also somehow record and release an album with Brisbane garage collective Velociraptor and release a 7” with melodic surf band Teen Sensations. Phew. His new single ‘The News’ was released for download on iTunes this week and it’s inspired by ’80s superstars like Phil Collins. It’s really fun.

We asked Neale what his favourite things to do are when he gets a rare minute at home in Brisbane.

Kodak Beach

(Photo: Margaret Donald/Flickr)

Alright so Streets (ice cream) bought the beach and now it’s Streets Beach but I choose to remember it fondly as it was in the ’90s. This is besides the point though. You see there is a MAN MADE BEACH IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY. Surf’s up! Except there’s no surf.

Buuuut there’s totally some public drinking rule where as long as you’re eating a meal you can also be consuming alcohol in the surrounding BBQ area and the joke’s on them because as a Breatharian I’m always eating.

The Planetarium

(Photo: Rae Allen/Flickr)

Do all cities have a planetarium? Probably. But just as all cities having a planetarium unites us with common ground for interstate Skype water cooler conferences so too does watching a movie about the vast size of the galaxy bring us all together, existentially.

Stop drawing lines between us, h8rs. The one true enemy is the finite nature of our lives and our inability to explore all of space. Chew on that. And then walk outside and find yourself in the botanical gardens. Then chew on some snacks from the cafe. Nature is back in a big way this summer. The endless summer. The endless, infinite nature of space type summer.

New Farm Dog Park

(Photo: Michael Gil/Flickr)

Yo. It’s mid-afternoon and Lil’ Bow Wow keeps calling you up to ask “Where my dogs at?” He keeps saying time is money but you don’t need to freak out. It’s easy. The dogs are at New Farm dog park.

Now, you wanna see some way cool dogs but you don’t wanna rock up like you’ve got nothing to offer. Unfortunately you didn’t fly your prized pooch on the plane. Never fear – just pack a leash and wear an “I Love My Pup Pup” shirt and whenever anybody asks where your faithful woofer is just point to the other side of the park where the largest group of dogs have gathered. Then proceed to confidently announce that, “Dudley is far more interested in the best people, dog people, than real people and quite frankly I don’t blame him.”

Meanwhile, live it up in Patsville. Population: You and many breeds of rare dogs. Rare in that every dog is a unique and beautiful creature, no matter their genetic code.

Also the wonders of the New Farm people park and The Powerhouse are nearby once you’ve got your puppy fix. The people park features views of both Brisbane river and the city and The Powerhouse has tons of free entertainment from musicians, comedians and artists.

SouthSide Tea Room

(Photo: Southside Tea Room/Facebook)

The Grates are expanding their world domination via their new album Dream Team, their family with a new bub on the way and now their eats and drinks venue The SouthSide Tearoom. They’re joining forces with The Red Robin Supper Club so as of early 2015 you’ll not only see the famous ’90s style corner cafe but also the addition of a beer garden and food truck next door trading under the name “Death Valley.” Every time I venture there I’m always glad I did. John and Patience are fun people who employ like-minded staff. They’re always very welcoming and up for any halfway decent idea. I even hosted my last Game Of Thrones themed birthday party there. Would I do it again? Well, yeah. Being a knight totally rules.

The Triffid

(Photo: Sam Charlton/The Triffid website)

The initiative of Powderfinger bass player John “JC” Collins has brought this place to life and although it’s only existed for a month, it’s changing everything we know about the band landscape of Brisbane. This new kid on the block has the best live room I’ve seen in a long time. The right lighting, the right sound, the right vibe. It’s an 800 capacity room. Pretty, pretty big. Just the right size to give you a healthy mix of locals who are slaying it, interstate buzz acts and international middleweights. Outside there’s a beer garden featuring their assumedly trademarked Triffid Burger as well as their very own Triffid Ale. It’s technically in Newstead but it’s only a five minute walk from central Fortitude Valley so you’re right in the thick of the action if you want to checkout multiple evening hotspots or have to balance other social obligations.

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