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This Scottish Airbnb Is Literally Just A Caravan In A Tree

This Scottish Airbnb Is Literally Just A Caravan In A Tree

You can rent all sorts of quirky places on Airbnb these days: Dracula’s castle, the bottom of an active volcano, the flippin’ Sydney Opera House. But what if we told you there’s a caravan stuck in a tree nearly 25km from civilisation in the mix?

Doesn’t sound too appealing, right? But that exact Airbnb — the caravan-stuck-in-a-tree one — has a five-star rating. Despite having no electricity, no bathroom and no guarantee that you won’t fall out the door, it keeps getting rave reviews.

Apparently, the Bogancloch Treehouse came about after the 1960s caravan was hoisted up a tree for the 2011 film Two Years At Sea. Now, the owner, Jake, rents it out to adventurous travellers looking for an off-the-grid experience.

Looks… safe.

Former guests at Bogancloch Treehouse rave about the “pure beauty” of the surrounding area and “unique experience” that the caravan provides. Being so far from everything — nary a streetlight or car in sight — with an open, starry sky above does sound pretty nice. Even if you do have to bring your own sleeping bag.

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Yep, thats the kitchen.

If nothing else, it’s proof that you don’t need five-star amenities to have a five-star time. You can find it in Rhynie, Scotland, for a mere $29AUD per night.

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