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This Jungle Treehouse Is The Escape You’ve Been Looking For

This Jungle Treehouse Is The Escape You’ve Been Looking For

Depending on your travel style, this one might swing the pendulum between heaven and hell.

The Daintree Jungle Treehouse offers no mobile phone reception, no TV, no DVD player, no computers, no hairdryer, no air conditioning, no stereo, no telephone, no microwave and no internet. It does, however, offer you a secluded acre of the world’s oldest rainforest all to yourself. So much serenity.

*Cicada sounds*

This totally unique private treehouse is deep within the Daintree Rainforest in Cape Tribulation, Far North Queensland. It’s immersed in nature with only the most basic of creature comforts – a queen bed, a small kitchen with an Esky and a little gas cooker, an outdoor shower, a composting toilet with a jungle view and some linen. Oh, and two hammocks.

“Hammock” is actually Spanish for “you shouldn’t sleep in slings”.
Loo with a view.
This entire bathroom is exquisitely made with Italian marble. Oh wait, sorry. Wrong pic.

The octagon treehouse sits atop a pole next to a freshwater river that is perfect for a dip in the tropical heat. You’ll also be comforted to know there are no mosquitos at night, but don’t be shocked if you come across a rare cassowary. (I think they’re sort of like velociraptors with feathers?)

If you’re the city-slicker type craving civilisation after days of tranquility, don’t panic. Restaurants, cafes and shops are nearby in Cape Tribulation.

Put civilisation on silent. Qantas flies to Cairns, just two hours south.

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