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Madrid Just Got Its First Ever “Nap Bar”

Madrid Just Got Its First Ever “Nap Bar”

A “nap bar” has opened in the Spanish capital of Madrid, perfect for those Spanish siestas that are the envy of the rest of the world.

Aptly named Siesta & Go, the new institution, which is situated in the Nuevos Ministerios district, is similar to sleeping centres already operating in countries like Japan, Argentina and Belgium.


It’s perfect for those who might want to take a siesta without having to go home, or for anyone who simply needs a brief bit of shut-eye.

Depending on how long you want to rest, you can rent a room by the minute or hour, with options ranging from bunk beds to private rooms. For €8($11.90AUD) you can spend an hour napping in a top bunk, while an hour in a private room will set you back €14 ($20.80AUD), which  is frankly not bad if you really need to sleep, and you’re nowhere near your home. The rooms also come with an armchair, desk, phone chargers and more, meaning you can also study, read and generally chill out.


There are 19 beds, so while advance bookings are recommended, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be able to simply walk in, should you suddenly feel the need to take a nap.

For those worried about hygiene, fear not: customers are supplied with single-use bedding and sheets, while the company utilises a daily cleaning and laundry service.

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Like a hotel wake-up call, employees will make sure to wake you up on time, ensuring you’ll never oversleep.

Siesta & Go is open from Monday to Friday between 11am-7pm – exactly when you’ll need that mid-day nap. More details can be found at the official website.

(All images: Siesta & Go/Facebook)

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