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Montreal Has Invented A ‘Smart Bed’ To Stop Us From Freezing/Sweating While We Sleep

Montreal Has Invented A ‘Smart Bed’ To Stop Us From Freezing/Sweating While We Sleep

Montreal, Canada, can lay claim to having one of the world’s most diverse and extreme climates for a heavily populated city. The Quebec capital soars past 30 degrees celsius in summer, and freezes right down to -30 celsius, if not lower, during the colder months.

It only makes sense then, that its residents have to work especially hard to acclimatise to the markedly diverse weather. And as anybody knows, sleeping isn’t always that comfortable when you’re too hot, or too cold, or prone to sweating or shivering your way through the night.

While some may opt to use different materials and bedding during summer and winter, one Montreal-based company is now aiming to serve everyone’s needs by adding a little temperature technology into their bedding – a ‘smart bed’, if you will. Meet Smartduvet, the tech-savvy bedding company that previously made headlines with a nifty self-making bed.

Their newest product is the Smartduvet Breeze, described as “the world’s first dual-zone climate controlled self-making bed”.

In fact, not only will it regulate your temperature to prevent you from overheating or freezing, it regulates your partner’s, too; it actually splits down the middle, allowing for a single duvet to have two different temperatures. This means that two people with different body temperatures can both sleep perfectly well, even if one person is prone to sweating (or freezing) and the other isn’t.

The project has been crowdfunded on Indiegogo, and has already earned almost 1000 per cent over its aim of $20,000USD, raising $185,000USD, with more than three weeks of fundraising left to go.

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Pre-orders are currently available for $199USD ($263.40AUD). If the Smartduvet Breeze isn’t enough to help you sleep, perhaps this this wearable sleeping bag, this ‘dream sling’ or this gravity blanket will do the trick instead.

(Lead image: Smartduvet/Facebook)

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