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These Eco-Friendly Tents Are Made From Recyclable Cardboard

These Eco-Friendly Tents Are Made From Recyclable Cardboard

Picture this: it’s day three of a three-day festival. You’re exhausted, dirty and feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of having to pack up all your stuff and head home. Especially that tent. You really don’t have the energy (or the brain power at this point) to carefully fold poles and pack away pegs and the thought of having to squish that pile of tarp into that tiny tent bag is probably giving you heart palpitations.

There is a simpler way, you know, and a Dutch start up is leading the charge.


Yep, it’s a cardboard tent. And yep, it’s a little unusual, but trust us when we say you’ll be pretty damn sweet about yourself when festival pack up time comes around again.

KarTent are 100 percent recyclable tents made from a high quality cardboard. They fit two people with a space measuring a comfy 2.4 x 1.6 metres, and it weighs only eight kilograms.


We know what you’re thinking, and yes, they will protect you from an unexpected bucketing of rain. Kartent promises that their high-quality kraftliner cardboard is able to resist water, and that the design of the tent ensures rain and humidity won’t be a problem. It’ll also block out that unforgiving early morning sun, keeping it dark and cool in your enclosed little cave – perfect for getting a little extra sleep in before embarking on another festival day.

Cardboard does wonders for blocking out sound as well, so you won’t have to worry about trying to drown out those neighbouring campers singing ‘Wonderwall’ with an acoustic guitar at 3am, either. Jerks.


Being completely recyclable, all you’ll have to do is fold up and deposit the tent into your nearest recycling facility and gloat smugly at your buddies with their wasteful $20 Kmart tents – their third in two years. The KarTent will last for around four days; in other words, the entire length of a regular camping festival. Pretty damn clever.


The greatest part of it all is that KarTent will actually hand-deliver your tent to your festival for you, so if you’re heading to a European festival this summer, this might just be for you. As the company is still in its early days of development, they haven’t figured out how to get these cardboard tents over to Oz just yet, but keep your eyes on their website for updates.

(All images: KarTent/Facebook)

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