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Set Up Camp In Less Than A Minute With This Inflatable Tent

Set Up Camp In Less Than A Minute With This Inflatable Tent

Done with $10 tents flattening in the wind? Or are your friends fed up with you accidentally poking them with those extra long tent poles? Let’s be honest, camping shouldn’t be that hard. We personally welcome any easier way to embrace life outdoors.

Lo and behold, there’s now a sturdy and exceptionally easy way to camp that’ll save you all the hassle of a traditional tent set up.


The wizards behind Heimplanet are all about making travel easier so you can spend less time with fiddly tent poles and more time embracing the greener side of life. Their tents are all completely inflatable, easy to use and remarkably lightweight. No more lugging around 10+ kilogram tents, Heimplanet’s Fistral tent weighs only 2.5 kilograms – that’s super lightweight for something that becomes your house for the night and keeps you warm, dry and safe from outside forces.

The set up is almost too simple. All you’ll need is a pump for the inflatable ‘poles’ that criss-cross over the top of the tent and in less than a minute your little hideaway will be pitched, ready for use.


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There are various designs of the inflatable tent to suit different weather conditions, and some models can fit up to six people inside. They’re perfect for festivals, camping trips and even some backyard holidaying – just don’t forget the air pump.

(All images: Heimplanet)

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