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You Really Need To See This Accordion-Style Backpack Tent

You Really Need To See This Accordion-Style Backpack Tent

Ah, tents. Our fickle friends. They seem to be a whole mess of poles and pegs and billowing tarps, so it seems about time we found something that took away all the stress and made setting up a tent just as easy as rolling out a sleeping bag. Actually, we found just the thing.


The Melina backpack is a little odd, we’ll give you that, but it’s pretty ingenious at the same time. Created as part of a student project by Israeli architecture student David Shatz, Melina functions as a fold out tent – kinda like an accordion.


Sleeping one, the tent unfolds in one swift motion and can be transported comfortably using the attachable backpack straps. There’s also space in there for your belongings.


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Abel Tasman, New Zealand

When designing the Melina, Shatz wanted the wearer to feel safe and confident when sleeping in public. Melina’s canvas door can be shut for safety and privacy during outdoor naps.


(h/t Design Boom, images: Yael Sloma and Oded Antman)

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