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Yep, That’s An Infinity Tent

Yep, That’s An Infinity Tent

Hey, good news, we found a tent village for you and all your friends.

POD Tent is just like a regular tent – except for the fact that it’s a communal connect-a-shelter that could house actual societies rather than a bunch of sleep-deprived festival goers. So yeah, not really like a regular tent at all.

You need this.

Here’s how it works: smaller PODs can be linked up to form different layouts to suit your outing – whether that’s a family camping trip, a breezy summer festival or even just a backyard shindig that includes an infinity tent because you now own this behemoth tent city and you sure as hell will be using it at every single outdoor event until the end of time.


The new Elite line of PODs include enhanced features like increased durability, reduced weight and excellent UV protection. The pods are each 2.7 metres tall, so even your longest friends will be able to comfortably populate them.

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The POD Maxi sleeps eight, while the POD Mini sleeps four. Each of the PODs can be attached and arranged in an infinite number of combinations, or used individually. In terms of price, a POD tent will set you back between $595 and $1192 depending on size.


TBH, there’s no conceivable reason to ever leave this tent village once you’ve set it up, so for those of you who are longing to answer the call of nature by setting up shop in the wilderness: here’s your chance.

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