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OMG: M&Ms Are Bringing Their Coveted Pretzel Flavour To Australia

OMG: M&Ms Are Bringing Their Coveted Pretzel Flavour To Australia

If there’s one thing Americans get right (and at the moment, it could very possibly be the only thing), it’s their sweet and salty chocolate combinations. Peanut butter and chocolate is the work of pure genius.

Well hold onto your cutlery chocolate lovers, because the much coveted Pretzel-flavoured M&M has just been announced to be making an arrival in Australian factories for World Chocolate Day.

No longer will you have to pay triple the price at USA-themed boutique lolly shops. No more will you have to wonder why no-one in Australia has combined these two perfect flavours.

“This latest project is part of our long-term ambition to continue to drive and develop our core bitesize brands that we manufacture locally in Ballarat,” Mars Wrigley Australia’s GM Andrew Leakey said in a statement.

This is honestly the best thing to happen since someone air-fryed a Caramello Koala. It also definitely should have been done LONG before they brought out those Mint M&M monstrosities. Mint and fruit have no place in chocolate, and I will not hear otherwise.

They’ll be pumping out of the 40-year-old Mars Wrigley chocolate factory in Ballarat and into your local Coles from next week on July 13, and Woolworths from July 28.

Side note: did we see that a birthday cake-flavoured M&M made it’s way into 7-Eleven stores last month? Because I did NOT and you can bet your butt that’s where I’m going on my lunch break.

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Posted by M&M’S Australia on Friday, May 31, 2019

It is the day for sweet wonders after all, being a day for the world to celebrate chocolate. If you’re anything like me, it’s not like I needed the extra excuse, but I’ll take it. If you wish to join me, here are 8 perfect ways to indulge around Australia today: from freebies to easy recipes.

(Lead Image:Mars Wrigley)

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