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Nutella Has Just Been Released In Bar Form, So Happy New Year To Us

Nutella Has Just Been Released In Bar Form, So Happy New Year To Us

I don’t know about you, but I entered this new year with more trepidation than any new year before it — a fun side effect from 2020. But this is the good news I was hoping for.

The owners of everyone’s favourite chocolate hazelnut spread (yes, everyone, I won’t believe you if you try to tell me you don’t like it) have finally accepted the fact that we’re all eating it by the spoonful, not spreading it on our toast. Today, they officially released the B-Ready Nutella Bar, so we can carry our tasty treat around with us in a more socially acceptable manner than scooping from the jar.

It’s not the first we’ve heard of these bars. The were released in Europe long before they hit our shores, and last year rumours were abound they’d be coming Down Under when they were spotted in a Sydney convenience store last year (one that’s particularly well-known for its international treat selection, though).

It IS the first time Nutella confirmed that Australia would be getting in on the tasty action though.

To be honest, the bar sounds heavenly, and a little bit like those Kinder wafer bars. Apparently you can expect a crunchy wafter shell filled with Nutella and wheat puffs.

Image: Provided / Nutella

They’ll come individually or in a six-pack. Personally, I’l be getting the six-packs, because I’m a realist. They’ll be stocked in supermarkets and convenience stores across Australia.

Of course, there is also that long standing rumour of White Nutella — which yes, would be a white chocolate hazelnut spread and YES would be my own personal dream come true. That does appear to just be a rumour (although there are recipes to make some for yourself), but just IMAGINE if Nutella dropped that news too.

What a time to be alive.

(Lead Image: Provided / Nutella)

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