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There Are Two New KitKat Flavours And They’re Inspired By Your Favourite Ice Creams

There Are Two New KitKat Flavours And They’re Inspired By Your Favourite Ice Creams

There is nothing quite so uncomplicated and enjoyable as the announcement of a new chocolate flavour. It’s 2021, I’ve learned to enjoy the small wins. Of course, the other enjoyable treat is new ice creams, but ¿por qué no los dos?

That’s right, KitKat have combined your two favourite treats with the release of two new flavours based on the most popular ice creams.

There are two things we know Australians love – summer and ice-cream,” Nestlé Head of Marketing Confectionery Joyce Tan said.

“With mint and caramel continuing to come out on top as fan favourites, what better way to enjoy these flavours and a break over summer, than with our new ice-cream inspired KitKat bars”.

I simply cannot flaw the logic.

The first flavour is Mint Choc Chip, which is your standard wafer fingers “covered in creamy mint flavoured choc, topped with Swiss cocoa crisps, all on a smooth milk chocolate base”. Personally, I strongly feel that mint and chocolate together is an abomination and I’m prepared to fight about it, but I’m fully aware plenty of people disagree with me.

The second, far more inspiring flavours (if you ask me), is Caramel Crisp. This time the wafers are “covered in creamy caramel flavoured choc, topped with French caramel flakes, all on a creamy white chocolate base”. Hell yeah.

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You can get them both in supermarkets and convenience stores around Australia, with block size for a RRP of $5 and an individual bar going for an RRP of $1.99.

It’s a good month for indulgence. What with Gelatissimo bringing out their Caramilk Hokey Pokey-inspired gelato for all of January, and Cadbury sneakily putting a new Twirl Breakaway hybrid on our shelves earlier this year. Not to mention Nutella Bars FINALLY hit our shores after being super popular in Europe, and TimTams announced four new flavours.

You get it, sweet tooths are living right now.

(All Images: Provided / KitKat Australia)

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