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8 Ways To Best Indulge Your Sweet Tooth On World Chocolate Day

8 Ways To Best Indulge Your Sweet Tooth On World Chocolate Day

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I have discovered my new favourite International Day of celebration: World Chocolate Day. Yes, every July 7, sweet-toothed people around the world celebrate one of life’s purest forms of pleasure.

And why shouldn’t we? It’s delicious, but it’s also kind of good for you — as long as you eat it in moderation and stick to dark chocolate, which I absolutely never do. Still, the fact (kind of) remains.

As if I ever needed another excuse to indulge, please enjoy this round up of the best chocolatey things you can do today.

#1 Air fry a Caramello Koala

Image: Kassia Byrnes

I road-tested this recipe a short while ago. Just trust me when I say it’s the best thing you could do for yourself, ever. It also works with Freddo Frogs. Details here.

#2 Head to the KitKat Chocolatory Boutique

Image: provided/ Nestle

There’s a few locations, but I just tested out the new one in Sydney and it’s actual heaven. Plus they’re handing out free hot chocolate today. Details here.

#3 Learn how to make your own

Aussie Chocolate Artisan, Jessica Pedemont, took time out of crafting her own mouth-watering creations to show us how to make our own chocolate at home. Details here.

#4 Check out the Koko Black collab

Image: provided/ Koko Black

Chocolate lovers with fine taste absolutely know this Aussie brand, and now they’ve joined forces for this special day with Tokyo Lamington, to bring an exclusive first taste of their famous lamington to Aus. Details here.

#5 Rewatch SBS’s slow doco

Remember the three-hour documentary aired on SBS earlier this year,calider which showed the chocolate-making process from beginning to end? Yeah you do. Details here.

#6 Bring back whipped coffee with a choc twist

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Dalgona coffee recipes were out of control during lockdown, mainly because they were bloody delicious. Time to bring back the chocolate and Milo versions, I say. Details here.

#7 Check out the new Pretzel M&M’s

Mars Wrigley Australia has announced that they’ll be bringing this popular sweet and salty flavour to their chocolate factory in Ballarat. They’ll be in Coles from July 13 and Woolworths from July 28.

#8 Just go buy some, duh

Absolutely no judgement from me if you simply want to use this day as an excuse to hit up your local convenience store and grab a bar or two. Do you, boo.

(Lead Image: Unsplash /Jennifer Pallian)

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