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Maccas Are Doing Free Delivery This Weekend And We’re Lovin’ It

Maccas Are Doing Free Delivery This Weekend And We’re Lovin’ It

I know that everyone has basically turned into culinary icons since social distancing starting being enforced, with literally every person I know at least giving banana bread a red hot crack.

If you feel like taking a break and treating yourself though (and who wouldn’t) McDonald’s is offering free delivery on all orders over $25 this weekend.

“To start with, the offer will be available for those who place a Macca’s order on the UberEats app this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” explains McDonald’s Australia’s Marketing Director, Jo Feeney in a statement.

Honestly, I’m getting excited by the phrasing “to start with”. Does that mean free delivery will become more regular through lockdown? We can only hope.


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Anyway, the main details are that from Friday April 17 until Sunday April 19, just make your order through the UberEats app and pick the contact-free delivery option. Or what they’re calling ‘McDelivery’, because of course they are.

Get the troops (within your house) together so you can hit the $25 benchmark and you’re laughing. Or, you know, just wait until 2am when the hangover kicks in and order it all for yourself. No judgement.

Either way, I’m already dreaming about my order. For me it’s about McMuffins and Hashbrowns. All. Damn. Day. I mean, just look at this bad boi:

Don’t forget they’re also selling essentials like bread and milk through Drive Thru now, so there’s always that option too.

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