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This Sydney Food Truck Is Delivering DIY Bao Boxes And Dumplings To Your Front Door

This Sydney Food Truck Is Delivering DIY Bao Boxes And Dumplings To Your Front Door

What is it about bao that is so incredibly satisfying? Their convenient size, their soft shell, their slightly spicy insides — who knows, but they’re good.

So I’m not mad that the Sydney food-truck Tsuru has left its usual world of music and sports events or markets to offer up DIY bao boxes, as well as dumpling and bun kits that you can steam at home, delivered directly to your door (or you can go pick it up).


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If you’ve never seen the red crane that adorns this black food truck around, then you should know that while they also “meat on skewers as well as Asian style desserts and drinks commonly seen on the streets of Asia”, they pride themselves on their buns. So you know a take-home pack from them is absolutely worth it.

Each DIY box is going for $70, and you’ll get all the frozen ingredients — your meat or tofu of choice, sauce, mushrooms, bao buns (10 of them, so you can feed the whole house), kimchi and more — plus the meal prep instructions. If you’d prefer everything to come ready to cook, the box goes down to $50. Either way, apparently you’ll only need about half the fillings to pack up the buns, so you’ll have plenty left over to get inventive with.

Now, as for those steam at-home kits. While a fun weekend yum cha treat is off the table for at least another week, Tsuru is also serving up $25 kits with prawn har gow, chicken shu mai and chicken or barbeque pork buns for two people that you simply need to heat up.

If that’s still not enough you add on a serve of dumplings or pork-and-chive gyoza for $15, or buns for $20. You can order it all here.

I mean, this is basically a feast of kings. Set up a picnic rug in your living room with a few indoor plants around you and BOOM, you’re basically outside and not in lockdown (kind of).

(Lead image: Instagram / @tsurufoodtruck)

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