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The Mac Jr And Grand Mac Burgers Are Coming Back To Macca’s, But Only For A Limited Time

The Mac Jr And Grand Mac Burgers Are Coming Back To Macca’s, But Only For A Limited Time

Guess who’s back, back again? The Macs are back… ok I’m going to stop this now. Sorry, I’m too much of a 90s kid to resist. Still though, the point remains that McDonald’s are bringing back the Mac burger family.

From tomorrow, June 23, The Mac Jr and Grand Mac burgers will be back on the menu, rejoining The Big Mac. Aw cute, family reunion.

They’re being brought back by Macca’s because A) they were apparently incredibly popular when they last graced menus, and B) they’re the next offering in their 50th-anniversary celebrations.

“The Big Mac is one of our most popular menu items, loved by all for its fresh ingredients and iconic taste,” said Amanda Nakad, Marketing Manager, McDonald’s Australia. “What better way to commemorate 50 years of Macca’s in Australia, than to be able to bring back the entire Mac Family for a limited time and give our customers more of what they love”.

For those of us who don’t remember and/or never tried them before, these two burgers boast “all the flavours of the traditional Big Mac, including Macca’s famous Special Sauce, [but] the Mac Jr is a smaller, single-patty variation, while the Grand Mac lives up to its title, offering up 61 percent more Aussie beef than the Big Mac classic”. Or, if you ask my Managing Editor as I did, the Mac Jr is “like a cute li’l Big Mac”.

Well look at that, it’s basically Goldilocks with burgers.

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As part of the celebratory comeback, if you buy a medium or large Mac Family Meal (which means you can have one of each Mac burger in a meal deal) you’ll also get a free limited edition glass cup in one of six different designs. I’m just saying, I remember being a kid when they did this with special glass The Hunchback Of Notredame cups, and I had mine (Esmerelda, obviously) for about 10 years. Ah, memories.

They’ll be available in all restaurants or via the Macca’s app until August 3, or while stocks last. And don’t worry, you can purchase them individually, not just in a meal deal.

(All images: provided / McDonald’s Australia)

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