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Peter Alexander Just Sorted Your Winter Wardrobe With Limited Edition Macca’s PJs

Peter Alexander Just Sorted Your Winter Wardrobe With Limited Edition Macca’s PJs

I think pyjamas are one of my favourite things, especially when we’re talking cute, fluffy winter ones I can rug up in. Am I leaning into this Sydney lockdown particularly hard and wearing said fluffy PJs all day? Maybe, but what else am I going to do.

Being a PJ nerd, I’m obviously very familiar with Peter Alexander (hello Where The Wild Things Are nightie), and I know the rest of you are too. So get excited because now they’ve collaborated with Macca’s to bring you brand new jimmie jams, and they’re actually super cute.

Why are they doing this? It’s yet another fun instalment of Macca’s 50th birthday celebrations. Personally, I think it’s the best one so far.

“We are so excited to partner with Peter Alexander to launch our very own range of limited-edition Macca’s pyjamas,” said McDonald’s Australia Marketing Manager, Amanda Nakad. “We can’t wait to see our customers sporting their iconic PJ’s and joining us in celebration of 50 years in Australia”.

From today (and until stock run out) you’ll be able to score ten different Macca’s designs in the adults and teens range either online here or in Peter Alexander stores.

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Explaining the design concept, Peter Alexander explained that they “brought to life the iconic McDonaldland characters, the retro feel of the 1970s and our signature sleepwear style in a collection that is sure to bring back memories of childhood treats, late-night Macca’s runs and that Big Mac feeling”.

The Macca’s run in the middle of the night is pretty much an Aussie teen right of passage. Have you really been on your P plates if you haven’t packed a car with mates and hit a McDonald’s drive-through after midnight? Would I absolutely relive my youth in brand new Macca’s PJs? Yes.

(All images: provided / McDonald’s Australia)

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