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There’s A New Birthday Cake McFlurry And It’s As Extra As You Were Hoping It Would Be

There’s A New Birthday Cake McFlurry And It’s As Extra As You Were Hoping It Would Be

The McFlurry is a gift that keeps on giving, with many flavours gracing our tastebuds even over the last couple of years — like doughnut ball, KitKat and Banana Caramel Pie. Now, we have the Birthday Cake.

“New McFlurry flavours are always a hit with our customers, so we thought this would be a delicious way to continue our 50-year celebrations,” explained Amanda Nakad, McDonald’s Australia Marketing Manager, in a statement.

“Our new McFlurry flavour was inspired by iconic Aussie birthday party favourites including Birthday Cake and Fairy Bread, to create a nostalgic and delicious dessert that will put everyone in the birthday spirit”.

The new flavour features “bite-sized pieces of custard pie, mixed in with creamy soft serve and topped with caramel sauce and birthday sprinkles” and honestly they had me at custard pie. Speaking of which, it’s coming back too.

“In response to strong customer demand, we will also be reintroducing a much-loved and highly requested crowd favourite, the Custard Pie, giving Aussies even more reason to celebrate our 50-year milestone,” continued Amanda.

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You’ll only have to wait one more day for either (or both, no judgement) of these new dessert items, with the Birthday McFlurry and Custard Pie being released exclusively on UberEats from Wednesday, June 30. After a week (so on July 7) you’ll be able to nab them in all Aussie Macca’s restaurants or via McDelivery. They’re only around for a limited time though so enjoy them while you can (and in Sydney’s case, while we’re locked down, because we deserve it).

The new desserts come on the heels of the reintroduction of the Macca’s Mac burger family and 50c Big Macs, all in celebration of Macca’s turning 50.

(All images: provided / McDonald’s Australia)

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