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Sydney Opera House Now Has A Free Digital Program So You Can Still Get Your Culture Fix

Sydney Opera House Now Has A Free Digital Program So You Can Still Get Your Culture Fix

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I’m missing most since lockdown is the chance to get a little dressed up and go see a show, preferably with dinner beforehand and maybe even a few drinks after.

For anyone living in Sydney, a large portion of those shows — from dance companies, to famous bands and musicians, to theatre — happened at the world famous Sydney Opera House. I mean, people would fly in from all over the country to see their favourite acts, and huge names like Lizzo couldn’t believe they were performing at such an icon.

So yeah, it’s a big deal and I miss it.

Apparently the good folks at Sydney Opera House felt my longing, because while they may have the traditional “Ghost Lights” on in the theatres, they’ve also been kind enough to move their shows online.

Every Wednesday to Sunday, they’ll be sharing archival footage, live broadcasts and premieres on their website.

As a small sample, coming up this week you can lay your eyes on the renowned Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance company, Bangarra Dance Theatre, with their latest show named Bennelong. Or enjoy a talk from the All About Women festival, and another with Nigella Lawson. There’s also a bit of contemporary music and dance theatre.

Considering the price of tickets normally, this is an unbelievable deal. I was so sad when I couldn’t make All About Women earlier this year, so I’m choosing to enjoy my do-over.

Personally, you can find me all dressed up this weekend as I move from my bed to the couch. Probably with a few cocktails delivered from my local and something delish to eat (that I ordered, obviously, because cooking is not my forte). A fresh oyster delivery seems appropriate for a Sydney Opera House show, right?

Keep an eye on the updated Sydney Opera House digital shows available right over here and enjoy your culture hit from home.

(Lead Image: Pexels / Simon Clayton)

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