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New York’s MoMA Is Sharing Free Art Classes Online So You Can Be Your Own Renaissance

New York’s MoMA Is Sharing Free Art Classes Online So You Can Be Your Own Renaissance

Calling all Picasso’s and… other famous art people. I never studied art, ok, don’t judge me. All that is about to change though, seeing as arguably one of the world’s most prestigious art galleries, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, is offering some free art classes you can participate in online.

This isn’t your standard paint and sip either, although those are fabulous and easy to find online now.

We’re talking nine courses allowing students to hear directly from MoMA curators, artists, and designers whose work has been or is featured in MoMA’s famous collection and exhibitions.

What Will You Learn In MoMA Online Courses?

From discussing contemporary art techniques to delving deeper into understanding the messages and meanings behind modern art by using a selection of MoMA’s collection as study subjects, you can guarantee you’ll come out the other side with a much deeper knowledge of, and appreciation for the art. Also just a bunch of fun facts to impress your friends with at parties — once parties are a thing again.

There are also broader subjects, like the role of photographs through history and a discussion on fashion as design, considering the social, cultural, economic, and environmental impact it’s had over the last few decades.

You can find more information on the courses available here, and join up through the online learning platform Coursera.

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Don’t forget you can also take a virtual tour of the MoMA now, getting access to collection highlights which range from 19th-century paintings by Vincent van Gogh to modern LED art by Jenny Holzer.

See? I’m learning more already.

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