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Here’s Your Chance To Turn Your Endless Online Scrolling Into An Actual Job

Here’s Your Chance To Turn Your Endless Online Scrolling Into An Actual Job

Ever spent hours on the couch, scrolling through the web and your social apps, just wondering if you could ever make a job out of it? Well, apparently you can.

One of Australia’s most successful media agencies, Initiative, is looking for three young gun uni students, who know what’s happening on the internet better than they know the back of their hand, to fill internship positions.

“We’re on the hunt for young guns who know more about TikTok trends and Reddit threads, than they do about marketing funnels,” explains Managing Director, Sam Geer.

“We know that the type of person who is likely to get stuck in a YouTube wormhole will be better plugged into culture, so we’ve tailored the process to apply for these spots specifically to them”.

Yes, that’s right, it’s a virtual internship program, which means that you can be based anywhere in Australia with an internet connection and still apply.

CEO Melissa Fein explained that the agencies move to online internships was because “It’s our ability to infiltrate and interpret culture better than any other agency that drives our success. That ability relies on us recruiting a diverse mix of talent with a diverse mix of cultural perspectives.”

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How do you apply?

Just binge watch a show that’s been on your watch list and share three things that marketers could learn about culture from the program — so yeah basically your excessive time on the internet is what will help you most here.

Applications are open now until 9 am on June 1, just head to their website to apply. The program itself starts on June 8 and runs for four weeks. Good luck!

 (Lead Image: Pexels /Andrea Piacquadio)

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