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PSA: You Can Earn $1000 Just For Loving Wine And Tasting A Bunch Of It

PSA: You Can Earn $1000 Just For Loving Wine And Tasting A Bunch Of It

If you’ve ever sat back, drinking a glass of wine, thinking that sommeliers have the very best of lives, now’s your chance to join in — and no, you don’t need to be a pro, just enthusiastic.

Naked Wines (who use independent Aussie and Kiwi winemakers) are on the hunt for “an Australian everyday vino enthusiast to join a panel of expert taste masters for their upcoming range review this July”.

No seriously: no qualifications, no resume — just a willingness to drink some delicious adult grape juice.

But, what is this panel? Twice a year, Naked Wines curates a panel of judges to blind-test their current range of wines against other bottle-shop competitors and write up those little descriptions we all read but mostly don’t understand. The results will determine which wines are kept in stock, and you know what they say — with great power comes great responsibility.

The next one is happening in July (2021) and they want to make sure they’re getting the opinions of real-world wine enthusiast (aka you) — basically, so you can explain the wine for the masses in terms they can understand, rather than in different shades of oak.

According to the job description, you’ll need to:

  • like drinking wine
  • be prepared to try a lot of different wines in a day (but remember, you can spit)
  • clearly describe how something tastes to you
  • be over 18 and a resident in Australia

Besides $1000 dollars for your time, and a lot of free wine, they’ll also give you expert tips on wine tasting, as well as a private wine tasting with one of their winemakers in the country.

All sounding as good to you as it is to me? Head here for more details and to apply.

(Lead image: provided / Naked Wines)

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