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These Were The Most Instagrammable Australian Destinations In 2019

These Were The Most Instagrammable Australian Destinations In 2019


Want to know which Australians destinations every budding photogapher will be flocking to next year? Instagram has a few ideas.

As part of their 2019 year in review, the social media platform has shared a list of the Australian destinations that are currently trending. To make the call, Instagram looked at geotags to find the locations that have seen a rise in check-ins over the last few months.

They’ve come out with a list of eight of the most ‘grammable spots around Australia. Leading the charge is Lake Tyrell in Victoria, which often appears a very-photogenic shade pink or lilac thanks to salination in the water.


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Also on the list are destinations like Cape Hillsborough in Queensland, the picture-perfect beach where kangaroos often wander onto the sand, and the incredible rock pool of Injidup Natural Spa in the NT. Tasmania’s natural wildlife sanctuary Maria Island and WA’s jaw-dropping Bunda Cliffs also made the cut.

You can see the full list of Instagram’s hot-right-now destinations below:

  • Lake Tyrell, VIC
  • Cape Hillsborough, QLD
  • Injidup Natural Spa, NT
  • Maria Island, TAS
  • Bunda Cliffs, SA
  • Lake McKenzie, QLD
  • Crawley Edge Boatshed, WA
  • Little Blue Lake, TAS

Tourism Australia Chief Marketing Officer Susan Coghill says social media helps to drive new visitors to new destinations in Australia — including places that are often overlooked in traditional tourism guides.

“The instagrammability of a location is playing an increasingly important role in the decision making process of many tourists and growing numbers of places across Australia are reaping the rewards,” she said. “Importantly, many of these lesser known locations are based in regional locations where increased tourism can have a big impact on the local economy.”

So if you want a fun local holiday — and some great Insta content to boot — these are the places you should make a beeline for in 2020.  Psst: hack your annual leave and you could even turn 20 days of paid leave into 42 days of holiday time.


Feature image: @maineikinimaka / @verouture

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