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You Could Get Paid To Travel Around The World For A Year With Your BFFs

You Could Get Paid To Travel Around The World For A Year With Your BFFs

Coming back from a holiday is always a letdown — personally, I don’t see why we can’t just stay on holiday forever, but whatever. Except, now you kinda can, thanks to this dream job from Wowcher that’s hiring one person (and their BFFs) who wants to get paid to travel the world for an entire year.

Sign me – and I cannot stress this enough – the hell up. (Sorry boss.)


UK-based deals platform Wowcher is hiring a full-time Travel Ambassador to jet off on the adventure of a lifetime, travelling to 40 destinations around the world during a 12-month contract. And the best part? You’ll be able to take a friend with you — or a whole bunch of friends, if you want to share the love.


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Okay, maybe the best part is actually that you’ll get paid to travel the world with a salary of £25,000 (AUD$46,655).


The Travel Ambassador will visit tourist hotspots like New York, Las Vegas, Bali, Croatia and Ibiza. They’ll see Europe through Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence and Disneyland Paris, and visit amazing countries like Greece, Dublin, Berlin and Warsaw.

And they’ll be able to take the same, or a different friend with them on every stage of the journey. I’m not saying you should apply for this dream job because you want to be the most popular person in your friend group — but I’m not NOT saying that.


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The successful applicant will be responsible for sharing their adventures on Wowcher’s social media accounts, from click-worthy Instagram pics to gorgeous YouTube videos.

All you have to do to apply for the dream job is post a 30-second video outlining why you’d be the perfect Travel Ambassador. Post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #WowcherDreamJob and #WowcherMysteryHoliday, and tag @Wowcher and at least three friends. Make sure you’re following Wowcher on whichever platform you’re posting on!

Applications are open until December 30, and you can find all the details about how to get paid to travel with the full listing for Wowcher’s Travel Ambassador dream job here.

(Lead image: Joel Bengs / Unsplash)

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