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Dream Job Alert: Ferrero Rocher Is Hiring For Chocolate Tasters

Dream Job Alert: Ferrero Rocher Is Hiring For Chocolate Tasters

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What better workplace combination can you think of than free chocolate and a setting in the north of Italy? We think we might have found the ultimate job for fans of chocolate and travel.


Ferrero Rocher, the Italian company which creates the famous same-named gold-wrapped hazelnut chocolate spheres as well as hazelnut spread Nutella, is hiring for 60 chocolate tasters. Hazelnut powder, cocoa and other sweet products are all on the job description.

The job listing appears on Italian jobs site Open Job Metis, and describes the perfect candidates as “people who would like to learn how to taste cocoa, hazelnut powder and other semi-finished sweet products”, as translated by EuroNews.

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In order to become professional chocolate tasters, successful candidates will be sent on a paid three-month training program to learn to express things they taste in words, and to widen their vocabulary of descriptive words. The employees will then settle down in Alba, in the north-west Piedmont region of Italy on a four-hour-per-week contract for tasting, leaving plenty of time for exploration. No word on the salary for this dream job, but does that really matter?


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(Lead image: Elaine Tan / Flickr)

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