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Dubai To Break Own World Record With Even Longer Indoor Ski Run

Dubai To Break Own World Record With Even Longer Indoor Ski Run

Dubai is truly a superlative city. You can drink at the world’s longest bar, visit the world’s largest manmade island, shop in the world’s biggest shopping mall and ski year-round at the largest indoor ski resort, despite the summer temperature often hitting 45ºC. Now, in a move that pips itself at the post, Dubai is building an even bigger ski resort to make sure that world record stays firmly in the supercity.


While the existing recorder holder – the Mall of the Emirates skiing centre – offers an impressive 400 metre slope, the new indoor resort will offer a 1.2 kilometre long run starting at a height of 180 metres.


The new ski resort will be part of a leisure, retail, residential and hotel project called Meydan One, which will break not just one but five world records upon its completion in 2020. Along with the longest indoor ski run, the vast complex will contain the world’s highest residential tower, the highest restaurant (a cool 675 metres in the sky), the highest 360-degree observation deck and – perhaps most extravagant of all – the largest ever dancing fountain.

There will also be a giant water park, a huge 652-store mall, a 25,000 square metre indoor sports facility and a venue that hold 8,000 people – which should be plenty to keep the estimated 78,300 residents and countless visitors entertained.  The construction, which costs a mammoth $8.6 billion, is already underway.

(Photos: Medyan City)

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