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Dubai Is Introducing Self-Flying Drone Taxis

Dubai Is Introducing Self-Flying Drone Taxis

Dubai is introducing self-flying taxis drones. Welcome to the future.

This summer, the city of billion dollar theme parksextreme zip-lining and over-the-top indoor ski slopes will be rolling out self-flying drone taxis. They’re set to be a sure-fire way to reduce traffic in the booming capital with passengers avoiding road congestion by taking to the skies.

The Ehang 184 drones are manufactured in China. They’ll be controlled by 4G internet and have enough room to transport one person at a time (as long as they weigh under 99 kilograms), plus a small suitcase.


Technology in Dubai is ahead of the curve, beating transport giants like Uber who had already revealed future plans to introduce their own network of self-flying drones. We can’t help noticing that they just look like nerdy helicopters.

See what we mean?

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Batman wouldn’t be caught dead in one, but the United Arab Emirates are aiming high (literally), aiming to have 25% of all passenger trips made in driverless vehicles by 2030. The technology is still only able to do short trips at a speed of 99 kilometres per hour.

For more insight, check out this video from the Wall Street Journal.

(Images: Edhang)

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