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Wish You Were Here: Baba Nest, Thailand

Wish You Were Here: Baba Nest, Thailand

Any higher and you’d be touching the clouds. Nestled on the south-eastern edge of Phuket lies a rooftop experience so serene, so unbelievable, it’s almost other-worldly.

Say hello to the Baba Nest rooftop lounge.


This stylish rooftop venue sits on the highest pinnacle of the southeastern peninsula at the Sri Panwa resort in Thailand. To call it a “room with a view” doesn’t really work as there’s no walls, no ceiling and no windows – it’s basically a wooden platform surrounded on all sides by a reflective infinity pool. There’s not even any chairs, guests sit on bean bags situated around small wooden tables. It feels like you’re floating on water high in the air.

The views are spectacular too – panoramic views across all of Phuket, the surrounding islands and the Andaman Sea.

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And it’s not just the bar that’s impressive, Sri Panwa also deliver on dining as well. The Baba restaurant serves up delicious Thai food with a soul food twist. Every meal is meant to be shared and is an eclectic mix of colour, flavour and taste.


(All images: Sri Panwa)

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