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Soon You Can Go To A Rainforest In The Middle Of A Desert

Soon You Can Go To A Rainforest In The Middle Of A Desert

There’s no denying it: Dubai defies the odds. Having already put a ski slope in the desert, they’ve decided to go and throw a rainforest in there too.

A brand new Dubai hotel is set to feature a very impressive man-made outdoor rainforest. ZAS Architects are working on the construction of this fully immersive rainforest at the new Rosemont Hotel & Residences Dubai, which will feature 450 hotel rooms, 280 residential suites, two skyscraper towers, numerous entertainment areas and robotic hosts. Robotic hosts! This really is the future.


The hotel’s open-air rainforest will be contained within a five-storey “podium” above the hotel’s entertainment floor. Open to hotel guests, residents and outside visitors, the forest will feature exotic plants, canopies, mist sprays, fish-filled streams and even an artificial beach. There’s talk of an aquarium too.

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Is… is that a dinosaur in the background there?

And it’s not Dubai without a little bit of adventure – visitors will also be able to strap into a harness and zipline through the rainforest to experience the lush vegetation and skyline views from a whole new perspective. On top of that, the hotel will also be home to a bowling alley, trampoline park and an indoor skydiving simulator.

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Construction of the 47-storey hotel is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.

(Images: ZAS Architects)

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