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Check Out The Plans For The World’s First Spinning Skyscraper

Check Out The Plans For The World’s First Spinning Skyscraper

Generally speaking, real estate hinges on the idea that one view is better than another. But there’s a new hotel being constructed that will allow each apartment to catch million dollar views from literally every angle. Where else but in Dubai? Of course.

Due to be finished in 2020, the 80-storey skyscraper known as Dynamic Tower will be the very first of its kind. Giving a whole new meaning to panoramic views, each individual level will have the ability to rotate separately, with apartment owners and hotel guests able to control when, where and how often their view will change. You can flick between views like it’s your Netflix stream – now that’s pretty impressive.

What’s more, the engineering will be completely environmentally sustainable. Each floor will have it’s own wind turbines to generate the movement, making it totally self-sufficient.

The building will operate around a core through the middle, providing a series of elevators to access each floor. This means that the outside of the building will be constantly evolving too, making a sight to behold for tourists and locals alike.


The exact location of Dynamic Tower is still to be determined, but we know Dubai’s a city with plenty of views to put on show – they’d be hard pressed to find somewhere that wasn’t spectacular.

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Check out the video outlining the plans below:

(Images: Dynamic Architecture)

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