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These Are 2020’s Top Travel Destinations, According To Google

These Are 2020’s Top Travel Destinations, According To Google

google top travel destinations 2020

Google has revealed the top holiday destinations trending in searches for 2020 – and it’s not exactly an obvious list.

While you might expect to see big names like New York, London or Paris, people are searching for a less tourist-trampled kind of holiday this year.

Google created the top ten by tallying the number of hotel searches for holidays in 2020 against hotel searches in 2018 and 2019.

Da Nang, Vietnam, leads the trending list, with curious travellers drawn to its beaches and rich colonial history. Da Nang is also a stone’s throw from the Instagram-famous Golden Bridge.

However, three of the top ten trending destinations now have travel warnings. Tel Aviv, at No. 5, and Dubai, at No. 9, both face heightened risk due to mounting tensions between the US and Iran.

The No. 10 search, Perth, also comes with a travel warning. No surprises here: potential tourists are warned of poor air quality caused by nearby bushfires in WA.

People are also searching for holidays in sprawling cities like São Paulo, Brazil (and seriously, who’d blame them?) and Tokyo, Japan (ditto). South Korea’s buzzing metropolis Seoul, with its mix of natural beauty and sci-fi skyscrapers, ranks at No. 3 in searches.

Bangkok, a favourite of Thailand-obsessed Australian travellers, is also on the rise in 2020. Two European cities complete the top ten: Austria’s postcard-pretty capital Vienna and French port city Marseille, which boasts a food scene on the up and up.

Google’s Top Trending Holiday Destinations for 2020:

1. Da Nang, Vietnam
2. Sao Paulo, Brazil
3. Seoul, South Korea
4. Tokyo, Japan
5. Tel Aviv, Israel
6. Marseille, France
7. Vienna, Austria
8. Bangkok, Thailand
9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
10. Perth, Australia

(Lead Image: Golden Bridge / Wikimedia Commons)

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