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Denmark’s Sky Tower Is Probably The Scariest Ride In The World

Denmark’s Sky Tower Is Probably The Scariest Ride In The World

Scared of heights? Then The Sky Tower should probably stay far from your sightseeing list next time you’re in Denmark.

The ride at amusement park Tivoli Freheden isn’t a traditional roller coaster or a big drop that has you plummeting down a pole while safely strapped into your seat. In fact you’re not attached to anything – The Sky Tower is the first free fall drop ride in the world. That means the ride is simply this: gravity! And a net.

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To ride you climb a tower that is 40 metres high and then, after you’ve put on your helmet, you dangle from the tower before dropping into the net hanging 30 metres below. Attached to nothing. Just flying through the air, with the speed during the fall coming to around 90km/hour. Also, just an FYI, the Sky Tower closes during thunder storms and high speed winds. Safety first, guys.

If you’re not game to jump, you can also just catch the lift to the top of the tower and take in the lovely views of Aarhus bay.

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