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These Cylindrical Houses Will Blow Your Mind

These Cylindrical Houses Will Blow Your Mind

Stop the presses, it’s official: airstream trailers are over. From now on, if you want to demonstrate your free-spirited nomadic lifestyle bonafides, you’ll have to do it in one of these unbelievable rolling houses cooked up by the mad geniuses at DO Architects. Taking conceptual architecture to extreme new heights, the Lithuania-based design firm has released plans for a number of these single-family homes, presumably inspired by hamster wheels and/or snail shells, to be constructed along the coast of the Curonian Lagoon in Svencelė, Lithuania. Clearly, the eventual inhabitants of these (literally) dynamic residences will bring hilarious new meaning to the term “high roller”.


Each cylindrical home features three levels, an efficient and elegant interior layout, and is equipped with every modern comfort and amenity. Floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall plate glass windows on either side of each home allow the occupants to soak up sunshine and seaside vistas, while blocking the view of nosy neighbours.


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The real trump card, however, is that if you ever got tired of living in Lithuania (why would you, though?), it’d be a snap to simply pack up and roll on, bringing all the coziness of home with you.

(All images: Do Architects

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