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We’ve Found The Most Instagram-Friendly Restaurant Ever

We’ve Found The Most Instagram-Friendly Restaurant Ever

Väkst means ‘growth’ in Danish, so it’s a fitting name for this new super green restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen.

Local design studio Genbyg created the space, described as “vivid and organic”, using almost exclusively recycled materials, salvaged vintage furniture and a whole heap of hanging plants. The result resembles and indoor garden party that we’d happily never leave.


Väkst is centred around the idea of environmental sustainability and upcycling; wooden surfaces originate from an old stadium grandstand, lamps are made from old milk cans and bar shelves are old filing cabinets sourced from the National Museum of Denmark’s archives. The focal point of the restaurant is a greenhouse crowded with hanging plants that connects the upper and lower levels.


The result is a space that’s airy, atmospheric and seemingly almost alive. Obviously, your Instagram will love it, along with the plant- and vegetable-heavy menu that changes weekly with ingredients sourced locally and organically (of course). You beauty.

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You’ll find Väkst at Sankt Peders Stræde 34 · 1453 København K, in the heart of Copenhagen.

(Photos: Väkst/Facebook)

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