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You Can Stroll Through A Rainbow In Scandinavia

You Can Stroll Through A Rainbow In Scandinavia

Your Rainbow Panorama is a three dimensional platform that lets those standing within it see the surrounding sights of Danish city Århus through every hue of the rainbow. Consider it an IRL Instagram filter.

At the ARoS Århus Art Museum in Denmark, one of the oldest museums in the entire country, you can view the entire city through countless shades of colour in the rainbow ring that sits on top of the building.

While standing inside a literal rainbow may make you feel like a real-life unicorn, the building is just as beautiful from the outside, with reflective sunbeams illuminating the vast array of colours. Measuring 150-metres-long, the three metre-wide circular walkway is like a floating technicolour tunnel just waiting to be skipped through.


Olafur Eliasson’s rainbow piece is a part of the permanent collection at ARoS (you’d hope so, considering it’s literally affixed to the museum).

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(Lead Image: VisitAarhus, all other images:Wikipedia)

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